Fernanda’s participation in the realisations of Frederico Weinholtz


“Fragments of a Farewell”

Elaborated as a final project for Master in Performing Arts – Theater / Music, “Fragments of a Farewell” is a show that can travel internationally (spoken and sung in Portuguese and Castilian), wherein three musical styles cross eachother: Fado, Tango Argentino and Popular Brazilian Music. There will be a woman’s voice, several voices in fact, internal conflicts, a goodbye,…

All combinations of the three styles are possible, the door is left wide open. Traditional interpretations blend with themost unlikely combinations. All sung a capella.

Between the staged concert, the musical play, the sung monologue and the very problem of its determination, this show brings many voices in one.




“Check Out”

Best film @ Vencedor – 48 Hour Film Project Lisbon 2010